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Welcome Bonus & Promotions on New Bitcoin Casinos

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people using the Bitcoin casino. New Bitcoin casinos are starting to become popular places to play online casino games for a variety of different reasons. These sites use the digital currency Bitcoin instead of standard real money currencies and this means that players can play games to win prizes that are distributed in Bitcoin. Players can enjoy slots, table games and much more on new Bitcoin casinos but what about welcome bonuses and promotions? We thought we would investigate to see what we could find.

New Bitcoin Casinos Welcome Offers

The welcome offer is a key component to the modern online casino and this also rings true for new Bitcoin casinos. Understanding the welcome bonus can help you get ahead on the site. With standard online casinos, you can normally claim bonus cash which either requires a deposit or will be credited for free. The welcome bonus is offered to players with the intention of providing them with additional funds to begin playing with. This is the same for new Bitcoin casinos so what exactly can you claim in terms of welcome bonuses?
With new Bitcoin casinos, you can also claim some welcome bonuses. The sites that we checked out required a deposit and in return, there was a welcome bonus of 110% in matched funds up for grabs. That’s right, on the sites that we examined, if you deposited Bitcoin then you would receive Bitcoin as a bonus! The key thing to remember, though, is that the Bitcoin is pretty volatile at the moment and can fluctuate in price greatly. Understanding this before you deposit will save you frustration at a later date. There are also promotions to consider too.

New Bitcoin Casinos Promotions

Of course, the welcome bonus can be spent pretty quickly especially on new Bitcoin casinos so having a site that offers great day to day offers is also a massive bonus. The new Bitcoin casinos that we checked out did have some promotions to enjoy and these mostly came in the form of reload bonuses. There are 50% and 25% matched bonuses on offer for players willing to deposit more Bitcoin. There was also cash back offered on a weekly basis for qualifying players. It’s important to note that even the new Bitcoin casinos are still in the early stages of development.
The market is very much still in a state of growth and due to the fact that Bitcoin is being offered as the method of payment, many different new Bitcoin casinos are still deciding how best to offer bonuses and promotions that are fair. We fully expect to see some more varied promotions on these sites sooner rather than later. To put it simply, new Bitcoin casinos are still finding their feet with the operators of these sites still deciding how to implement key features such as welcome bonuses and promotions.